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From: C. Larkin
Subject: Emily's BaptismEmily's BaptismBy Chrissy Larkin.Emily always knew when the woman was coming. She could hear the staccato
rhythm of her heels on the wood floor, the cadenced rustle of her stockings
as she walked by. Sitting in her cubicle at work, Emily always found an
excuse to glimpse, watch and gaze porn 4 your phone
as the goddess in a business suit walked
down the hall.Her name was Ms. Fleming and she was drop-dead gorgeous. Her hair was long,
wavy and raven black. She stood at least 5'10" and had a fabulous bosom and
lovely rear that sashayed so sweetly when she walked by. She wore light
colored blouses under her business suit and a single strand of pearls around
her neck. And always, always, she wore high 3 asian girls fuck heels, which gave her already
beautiful figure even more of an allure.Emily could do nothing but watch and fantasize about the woman of her
dreams. Sometimes, while sitting in her work cubicle, her mind would drift
and she would imagine Ms. Fleming leaning up against a table, the hem of her
skirt riding up, revealing rich creamy thighs wrapped in silk stockings. As
her pulse began to race, Emily's fantasy would grow stronger. She pictured
herself walking up to Ms. you porn 1
Fleming and, without saying a word, beginning to
unbutton her blouse, parting the textured material to reveal two beautiful
breasts resting in a lacy silk bra, nipples clearly visible against the
material, a cleavage that seemed to beckon Emily down into the mysterious
darkness that lay hidden below.By this time, Emily would be wet between her legs. Unable to stop herself,
she would begin to rub herself furtively, urging the pleasure and fantasy
onward, to reach a crescendo before the phone rang or someone stepped in her
cubicle. Soon the glowing sensation hit its climax, just as Emily imagined
herself kissing Ms. Fleming passionately, tasting her lipstick, her mouth,
her breath. "Oh God," thought Emily. "What I would to to experience that!"One day, towards evening, Emily was working late, when she heard the
familiar click of Ms. Fleming's high heels on the floor. Like Pavlov's bell,
Emily immediately felt her body become aroused and her mind began to fill
with familiar sensual thoughts. Emily listened to the clicking and swishing
sound as the woman of her dreams walked by and soon felt her hand slip
beneath her skirt where, pantiless, she was able to touch her source of
pleasure and revel in her fantasy. So wrapped up in her guilty pleasure that
Emily failed to hear the oncoming clicks of Ms. Fleming as she returned back
down the hall. Unaware, and sure she was alone, Emily slipped deeper into
her masturbatory pleasure, leaning back in her chair, spreading her legs
wide apart and letting go with soft moans in her voice.Suddenly, the sound of someone clearing their throat, brought Emily's
fantasy pics 14yo nude to a crashing halt. She yanked down her skirt and turned her crimson
face to see Ms. Fleming towering like an Amazon in the doorway."I-I-I'm sorry to interrupt," stuttered Fleming, also turning transsexual beauty queens 8
red with
embarrassment, as it began to sink in just what poor Emily was doing. "I
need some help in the conference room. Are you free?"At that moment, Emily asia sex 4 u wished she could have crawled into a hole and died,
but acting on reflexes, she jumped up out of her chair and said, "Sure Ms.
Fleming. I can help."The two women didn't say another word, but walked down the hall, Ms. Fleming
heels clicking loudly, Emily's flat-soled shoes only tapping softly on the
floor. It was dark outside and the curtains were drawn in the room. Ms.
Fleming began to explain to Emily what she needed to get done, but as soon
as the two women made eye contact, it was clear that both were not thinking
of work. Ms. Fleming's eyes were blazing, lit up by what she had just
witnessed in the cubicle. Emily, for the first time, found herself standing
within inches of the object of her desire. For the first time, she could see
clearly the 3-d anime incest
color of Ms. Fleming's eyes, her clear rosy skin, and could
smell the aroma of her body.Emily heard words and saw Ms. Fleming's mouth move, but heard nothing. And
then, like from a scene in a romance novel, the tall dark woman, leaned over
and kissed the young, nubile girl. Emily swooned as she felt Fleming's warm
lips caress hers, tasted her crimson lipstick and felt the woman's long, wet
tongue probe her mouth.Emily responded, pressing her body against the tall, warm frame of her
seducer, wrapping her arms around her waist and clung tightly as the kiss
continued."My God, you make me so hot!" exclaimed Ms. Fleming.Flabbergasted to hear the woman of her 14yr nudes vids dreams speak so passionately for her,
Emily could only sigh as Ms. Fleming kissed and licked her neck. Nearly
panting, the young woman put her shaking hands on Ms. Fleming's legs and
began to pull up her skirt. She was dying to see what she had been
fantasizing about. The skirt rose 1920 blow job to reveal two beautiful legs, wrapped in
silk stockings that ended in lace at thigh level, held up by a garter belt.
There were no panties.Emily pressed her hand between Ms. Fleming's thighs and felt her animal
warmth. A groan came from deep within the woman's throat, as Emily softly
stroked the warm skin right up to the curling pubic hairs. Ms Fleming let
Emily touch her some more, but then stopped her."No. Don't get me too hot yet. I want to take you first," she said.Emily was still shaking as she stood passively while Fleming disrobed her.
In a minute, Emily was naked and lying on the thick shag carpet. She watched
as Ms. Fleming then slowly removed her own clothes. First the blouse, then
the bra and finally the tight skirt, leaving the garter stockings and high
heels on. The young woman thought non-nude 15 yo pics she was going to pass out from having this
towering goddess with the voluptuous body, kneeling before her.Fleming leaned over under 13 yo nudes and sucked greedily on Emily's hardened nipples and then
pressed her tongue into the cleft between her bosom and drew a liquid line
of saliva down across her belly to the top of her mound. Emily moaned loudly
as she felt the tongue dance around her inner thighs before gently brushing
the lips of her 60 plus babes sex.Within seconds, the flickering tongue began to set off explosions of
pleasure inside Emily's body. She felt her thighs shake with convulsions as
the orgasm began to rip through her."Oh God! Oh! Oh! Oh! Jesus, Yes," groaned Emily frantically.As the glowing sensation from her orgasm began to subside, Ms. Fleming
straddled Emily's midsection. She lifted her pelvis slightly and began to
brush the tips of her pubic hair and the lips of her sex back and forth
across Emily's stomach. It was a relaxing, but very stimulating sensation,
heightened by the strange, blazing look in Ms. Fleming's eyes. The woman was
breathing heavily, her face turning red with excitement as she gazed deep
into Emily's own eyes.And then Fleming closed her eyes and began to shudder, her face grimaced,
followed by a look of supreme relaxation. At the same moment, Emily felt 15yr nude girls a
warm wet sensation. She raised her head and looked down. From Ms. Fleming's
pussy lips came a thin golden stream of liquid. Emily watched in amazement
as Fleming continued to half-squat over her pics 14yo nude body, wetting her abdomen. She
had the most sublime look on her face as she groaned with great pleasure.Never in Emily's life had sex offenders in 98391
anyone done anything so outrageous to her before.
She was speechless and incredibly sexual, she thought. To share
her womanly essence with her like that. Emily felt the warm, golden spray
splash on her body and trickle down between her legs and thighs. As Fleming
finished, Emily reached up and grabbed her lover, pulling her down so she
lay in her own liquid that pooled on Emily's stomach. As their flesh pressed
together, it became wet and slippery.Emily kissed Fleming hard and rolled her over, so that now she was on top
and her Amazon goddess was beneath her. She slid down to her loins and
pushed her legs apart. There, clinging to her soft curly pubic hairs were
some golden droplets. Emily eagerly licked them and then licked Fleming's
inflamed bleach 170 sub pussy. There was a sweet and sour flavor that Emily had never
tasted before."Oh, please fuck me with your tongue, your fingers," begged Fleming, now
besotted with lust.Emily quickly thrust her hot tongue deep into Fleming's sexual folds and
drank all liquid and tasted all aromas. She licked and stroked Fleming until
she was in download video sex 3gp a state of orgiastic frenzy. Repeatedly, her back arched and she
groaned deeply inside as climax after climax rippled through her body."Yes, yes! Oh Jesus! Oh Fuck! You're sooo good! Don't Stop," she moaned over
and over.But finally, Emily did stop. But the lovemaking did not end. Just as Fleming
had baptized her, now it was Emily's turn to spray her new lover. Emily
squatted over Fleming's crotch and fuck girls 16 yr let go a torrent of golden nectar. And
Fleming half-laughed, half-cried as she thrust her hands under Emily's
pelvis, wetting them and rubbing the golden juice all over her body."You'll never be the same," Ms. Fleming whispered hoarsely as Emily finished
up."I know," said Emily with nude 15 y.o a lollita sexy under 15
smile as she lay back down on transsexual beauty queens 8 top of her 90s porn lover,
feeling the wetness glow against their skin.The End.Comments are always welcome. Please write to Chrissy at

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